Mount Kenya

id=”attachment_5″ align=”alignleft” width=”300″ caption=”Mt. Kenya from Makinda hut”

Mt. Kenya is the second highest point in Africa, with an elevation of 5199m above the sea level, and located on the equator.  In the 715 square Kilometers national park are 81 species plants endemic to Mt. Kenya as well as wide varieties of wildlife.  It is recognized as an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.  Mt. Kenya is an extinct volcano that last erupted 3.5 million years ago. The vegetation includes several distinctive zones ranging from Savannah, Equatorial Rain Forest, Bamboo, Giant lobelias and senencio and at the upper most is rocks and ice. The animals commonly found on Mt. Kenya includes the black and white Columbus monkeys, cape buffaloes, Elephants, Hyenas and Rock hyrax, (an animal believed to be Elephants cousin) plus varieties of birds. To the Kikuyu tribe believes Mt Kenya to be the home of their God (Ngai) and the location of their creation mythology.


MohaKin Climbers practice responsible trekking on Mt. Kenya to preserve the delicate ecology and protect her beauty for future generations.