About Kenya

Kenya is situated on the East Coast of Africa and bordered by Tanzania to South, Uganda to the West, Ethiopia and Somalia to the North and the Indian Ocean to the East.
The Equator nearly divides Kenya into two. It has a total of 583,000 km and a population of approximately 32 million people. The people of Kenya are comprised of 42 different tribes among three major groups: Bantus, Nilotes and cushites.

Kenya is divided into three major climatic regions: Coastal Region, Highland/tropical region and arid/semi arid region. The arid/semi arid region (Northern part of the country) is characterized by erratic and unreliable rainfall. The soils here poor and the religion is occupied by cushites whose occupation is livestock keeping. The coastal region is occupied entirely by Bantus. Basically the region is served by most currents and receives convectional rainfall. The soils here are fertile and the area is covered by Mangrove forests and you can find palm tree thriving mainly in the mild microclimate of the coast. Mixed Nilotes and Bantus occupy the tropical region. The soils here are fertile due to rich alluvial deposits and the main activity is farming.

Kenya officially gained her independence in 1963.Currently, Kenya is a politically stable multiparty country under a strong government.  Tourism is Kenya’s second earning industry employing approximately 500,000 people. The presence of a wide range of amazing sites including lakes, game parks and reserves, and mountains. Tourism is a major boost to Kenya’s economy through its just as important that it doesn’t harm the environment and wildlife of our country.